Hi!!!  . I made some orignal quotes I will show you them….. all right here it goes and they go like this: ” I’m like a canvas I’m the only color of its kind”-Maeve James

“We are like flowers we grow and we also die”-Maeve James

“The world is like the sky we all shine at one point”-Maeve James

“We are like the sun when it sets because we are all beautiful in some way”-Maeve James

“When you cry life becomes a blur we are lost when we are smiling we find where our heart sends us”-Maeve James.

See you next blog!!!!

RESULTS and Embarrassment

The talent show went great I loved it. When I was waiting to go on (sing) I felt like I was throw up.

When I performed I hick upped in the middle of my sentence but the results were good!!!! The good thing is nobody noticed. I have to tell you something horrible that happened  after the talent show here it goes ok so I was walking down the hallway.

My friends  ask my music teacher to go change then I asked because my dress was uncomfortable. I walked to the girls bathroom I went into the stall the stall was cold. I could feel goose bumps crawling up and down my body and I could smell the stuffy stinky stench in the air. I tried taking off the dress then I just notice my mom had pinned my dress so I decided to just leave it on but when I was walking my teacher Mrs. R said ‘ thought you were changing??? I told her my story she unpinned my dress and said you can go change now but she didn’t notice she still didn’t unpin the second pin. I still went into the stall in the bathroom I tugged at the dress and tried to get it off then I heard  ripping I looked down my dress it was ripped. Now I definitely couldn’t go out of the stall.Tears started to blur my eyes. I cried to my mom somehow I found my mom I just wanted to go home I washed my face. When I couldn’t leave the stall two girls in my grade unpinned and unbuttoned my dress then found my mom but I still had to go to (stay in) school . The rest of the day was ok well not really. I feel bad today I told my  teacher she couldn’t read my blog but had a change of heart i’m letting her read it. see you on my next post!!

Today is the talent show I’m so nervous!!!  I think I might throw up. My sister is still sleeping it is around 7:00.  She is going to my talent show  I told her she shouldn’t come.   SHE just came from up stairs. I had to get up at 6:00 then I had to shower  my mom had to blow dry my hair then she had to curl it. I have to put on my dress and I have to put on my doc martins ( boots).  I will post later about the talent show.


HI!!!! my name is Maeve . I had to go to school today! I woke up angry!! I was thinking how boring.Yeah school was boring but my teacher made it fun she never lets me or my classmates fail at anything like tests assignments. She is an awesome teacher. School was boring up until my friend showed me her blog it was awesome I loved it. I’m doing my school talent show I’m so nervous I don’t think I’ll survive I’m scared people are going to laugh at me and make fun of me. That is why I’m nervous people are going to laugh. What am I going to do? I have to tell you something embarrassing about my self you can’t laugh my first talent show practice I got on stage then I thought  about people laughing at my performance then I looked at the real world not what they were soon to be doing. They were staring waiting for me to sing I panicked and suddenly burst into tears. I ran off I was disappointed with my self. I said No Mommy No I can’t  do it but my friends and a singing mentor helped me through it. I got up on stage still tears dripping down my red nervous burning hot face. I sang I sang good, I think, so did a lot of other people. By the second practice I was singing while my music teacher was playing guitar. I wasn’t as nervous but I still freaked out a little. That’s all I’ll write tomorrow!! ‘