HI!!!! my name is Maeve . I had to go to school today! I woke up angry!! I was thinking how boring.Yeah school was boring but my teacher made it fun she never lets me or my classmates fail at anything like tests assignments. She is an awesome teacher. School was boring up until my friend showed me her blog it was awesome I loved it. I’m doing my school talent show I’m so nervous I don’t think I’ll survive I’m scared people are going to laugh at me and make fun of me. That is why I’m nervous people are going to laugh. What am I going to do? I have to tell you something embarrassing about my self you can’t laugh my first talent show practice I got on stage then I thought  about people laughing at my performance then I looked at the real world not what they were soon to be doing. They were staring waiting for me to sing I panicked and suddenly burst into tears. I ran off I was disappointed with my self. I said No Mommy No I can’t  do it but my friends and a singing mentor helped me through it. I got up on stage still tears dripping down my red nervous burning hot face. I sang I sang good, I think, so did a lot of other people. By the second practice I was singing while my music teacher was playing guitar. I wasn’t as nervous but I still freaked out a little. That’s all I’ll write tomorrow!! ‘


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