RESULTS and Embarrassment

The talent show went great I loved it. When I was waiting to go on (sing) I felt like I was throw up.

When I performed I hick upped in the middle of my sentence but the results were good!!!! The good thing is nobody noticed. I have to tell you something horrible that happened  after the talent show here it goes ok so I was walking down the hallway.

My friends  ask my music teacher to go change then I asked because my dress was uncomfortable. I walked to the girls bathroom I went into the stall the stall was cold. I could feel goose bumps crawling up and down my body and I could smell the stuffy stinky stench in the air. I tried taking off the dress then I just notice my mom had pinned my dress so I decided to just leave it on but when I was walking my teacher Mrs. R said ‘ thought you were changing??? I told her my story she unpinned my dress and said you can go change now but she didn’t notice she still didn’t unpin the second pin. I still went into the stall in the bathroom I tugged at the dress and tried to get it off then I heard  ripping I looked down my dress it was ripped. Now I definitely couldn’t go out of the stall.Tears started to blur my eyes. I cried to my mom somehow I found my mom I just wanted to go home I washed my face. When I couldn’t leave the stall two girls in my grade unpinned and unbuttoned my dress then found my mom but I still had to go to (stay in) school . The rest of the day was ok well not really. I feel bad today I told my  teacher she couldn’t read my blog but had a change of heart i’m letting her read it. see you on my next post!!


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